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Cluenet is a network of servers across the Internet that are combined to provide free services to users. These services include an IRC server, mail service, many shell servers, and others. However, what defines Cluenet is not the services it provides, but how it provides them.

Cluenet is focused around the central community of users. We believe that much can be done when intelligent and helpful people all come together in one place. Most Internet services, including chatrooms, are filled with people that have no intent of helping others, or even have malicious intent. Cluenet strives to filter out these people and attract only the best members for the community.

The community is primarily focused around ClueIRC, the chatroom component of Cluenet. ClueIRC is open to anyone who wants to join, but if you don't actively participate, it is likely that you will not become very involved. The community is well-rounded and welcomes anyone with good intent. If you don't know much about Linux or computers, there are many people here that would be pleased to help you learn. Intelligence and helpfulness is socially rewarded, while flaming and other immature activity is greatly frowned upon.

See Infrastructure for technical details on our network.

See Terms of Service for the core usage rules.